People Like Us is a Danish brewing company run by people from socially marginalized groups, and supported by Mikkeller.
People Like Us was founded by the brothers Lars and Jesper Carlsen in August 2016, and the company is headquartered in Copenhagen.

People Like Us Supported By Mikkeller

People Like Us are on a mission to

  1. brew great craft beer which is to be sold world wide
  2. create a lot of jobs for people from socially marginalized groups – hoping to inspire others to do the same
  3. challenge the societal conception of normality and communities

To sum it up: People Like Us are here to start at #socialrevolutionbybeer

What is People Like Us?

At its core of origin, People Like Us is a brewing company. But we’re much more than that.
People Like Us was founded in August 2016 by the brothers Lars and Jesper Carlsen. Lars is trained as a schoolteacher and Jesper is trained as a psychologist. Both of them have been working in the field of diagnoses for many years.

People Like Us is a socio-innovative business, working on developing and spreading new social business understandings. Inherent in this is the fact that we’re a for-profit company.

We’re not a charity project. We’re here to brew outstanding craft beer and make a serious, sustainable business out of it.
People Like Us is a platform. Besides the brewing company, we have multiple projects and business-legs developing and running.

The connection to Mikkeller:

A few years ago, Lars Carlsen and Mikkel Borg Bjergsø (the founder of Mikkeller) met to discuss the development of a beer to be sold in a former autist-driven cafe, Cafe Den Uartige. The idea of developing a beer together quickly developed into the decision to create a brewery together, which was to be run by autists. And that’s how we started in August 2016.
Mikkeller are supporting us with incredible beer know-how, introduction to great networks, and sharing their insights on how to develop and run a world wide successful, brewery, product and brand.


People Like Us would be nothing without our people. Every single one of them are part of our DNA, the running and the development of the company in one way or another.

By August 2018, our team counts 26 people, 85% of whom have one or more diagnosis.

Some of us are autists, some have ADHD, some have a depression or anxiety; some are war veterans with PTSD, and some don’t have any diagnosis at all.

Some of us work full time, and some of us do part time, flextime, on-call-work, or internships.

Common to us all is that we’re hired to do what we’re good at, and we are dedicated to usefully contributing to a working community. We are committed to making a difference – to the benefit of ourselves and the world around us.

You can see our team by flicking through this gallery. It will regularly be updated with cartoon inspired portraits made by our artist Sylvester.

Lars Carlsen
Owner and Social Revolutionist

Jesper Carlsen
Co-owner and Psychologist

Alberte Jannicke
Press, Social Media & Communication

Claus Stenbæk

Lars Buch
General Manager

Nanna Ackermann
Event & Sales manager

Rune Lindgreen
Beer Developer

Brian Andersen
Production Staff

Linda Mogensen
Production staff

Ronnie Ferdinandsen

Christoffer Colombus
Webshop & student worker

Bibi Carlsen
Accounts clerk

Bjarke Østergaard
Brewery dancer

Sylvester Holm Kappel

Signe Sønderhousen

Clara Anhøj
Memory Doll’s creator

Frank William
Talent Developer

Kasper Henriksen
Talent Developer


Besides brewing beers, we also aim to create a lot of jobs – both within our own business, but also in other companies. One of the things we do is that we outsource labour force to other companies.

People Like Us Outsourcing

Maybe you’d like to have another coworker to help you with some specific tasks within your business, but there’s not enough hours in it to create a parttime or fulltime job? Then hiring one of our people could be an idea!

The tasks provided differ in both time, size and period of employment, but common to all is that our People Like Us employees will solve them with deep care and precision.

People Like Us will be the link between the workplace and the employee, providing guidance and support in the start-up phase where we will participate in common meetings, work on outlining the best structure for both the workplace and the employee, go visit the workplace together with the employee, be there together with them for the first time or two until they feel comfortable with their provided tasks and workday structure. All in all, we will serve as employment mentors in the proces in order for it to become a fruitful and good co-work experience for both parties. We believe that this kind of link between employer and employee is an important piece in the larger societal employment puzzle,

It’s important to us that our employees are a part of the proces and are motivated to work. This means that we do our very best to make the best possible matches between employer and employee, both when it comes to field area, working hours, conditions of employment etc.

Right now we have people solving tasks at Mikkeller, Warpigs, Flying Couch, BRAW, TO ØL,  and Det Belgiske Hus, where they bottle, label, deposit label, pack and seal goods. These are companies within the brewing- and liqueur industry, but our employees talents, skills and special interests does not confine themselves to this field area alone.
To name other skills: Dancing, accounting, proofreading, drawing, math, concept developing, giving speeches and presentations, writing articles and much more.

Interested in knowing more about what we do and how you can outsource some of your tasks to People Like Us? Then write our
general manager Lars Buch on


PLUC / People Like Us Club is our new community generator. It only has one dogma: Say yes to challenges with a curious mind.

People Like Us Supported By Mikkeller

PLUC / People Like Us Club is our new community generator.

We only has one dogma: Say yes to challenges with a curious mind.

As human beings we have a tendency to spend most of our time around people that resemble ourselves, and we tend to stick to things and activities we are already familiar with. We search for the like. This we would like to challenge at People Like Us. Because we believe that we can learn a lot from each other’s differences – both in thought and action.
That’s why we’ve created PLUC; To generate nye communities by making people from different communities of interests meet.

The recipe for a PLUC community is quite simple:

Great Craft Beer, a common activity and the courage to challenge ourselves in thoughts and actions by saying “yes” with a curious mind.
It doesn’t matter how old you are, what your background is, or what you do for a living. There is room for everyone and for all skill levels in PLUC. What unites us is a drive towards (becoming better at) challenging ourselves and our comfort zone a little – together with each other.

How do i become a PLUC’er?

Becoming a member is fairly easy. To be a member for a full year, all you have to do is buy the current club t-shirt. You can do that here: Club Tee


People like Us are happy and honoured to collaborate with these guys within the brewing world. Both when it comes to beers and when it comes to job creation, these companies believe in the potential of thinking outside the box.


People Like Us
Kornmarksvej 18-20
2605, Brøndby

Tel. +45 31 50 00 09

For requests or questions regarding People Like Us A/S, business, jobs, collaborations, The People Like Us Foundation, or our Social Revolution by Beer, please contact

Lars Carlsen
Owner and Welfare Revolutionist
phone: +45 53 51 78 92

For requests or questions regarding B2B outsourcing and cooperations, employees, or beer dispenser rental, please contact

Lars Buch
General Manager
phone: +45 53 82 18 29

For requests or questions regarding press, PR, social media, communication, please contact

Alberte Jannicke
Head of Press, Social Media and Communication
phone: +45 31 50 00 09

For requests or questions regarding beer, sales, distribution, PLUC (People Like Us Club), or events, please contact:

Nanna Ackermann
Events & Sales manager 
Phone: +45 51 25 61 65