Week 42

Week 42 is equal to the school children’s autumn holiday. This year, it is probably the few who have to go elsewhere than a holiday home or spend their holiday at home. So now you have to imagine that the day is coming to an end. The wind makes the leaves of the birch trees rustle. You have been in the woods, in the garden, in the park. You have at least been outside and enjoying this beautiful season. The colors of the trees and the natural degradation of the forest floor have made you a little quiet. It’s time for contemplation and pampering. Out of the fridge you pick up one of the beers you have been so foresighted to order at People Like Us and have brought to your door. It was well thought out. The little pfttt it gives when you open the beer makes you tense up a little in the body. It’s going well today. That was also the case yesterday. But every day a new experience awaits and it is in that that self-indulgence lies. Love week 42.

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