Spontan Goes Spontan

Spontan Goes Spontan, Sour Ale brewed with Bergamot, aged in oak barrels. Abv 7,2% 37,5 cl


85 DKK


SPONTAN GOES SPONTAN The craziest dance beer project so far! Mikkeller x People Like Us x Bjarke Østergaard (Brewery Dancer) x Carling Talcott-Steenstra (dancer at the Danish Royal Ballet) x Sebastian Kloborg (choreographer) x Aaron Dessner (music) x Henrik Vibskov (costumes) proudly presents: SPONTAN GOES SPONTAN.


People Like Us is a Danish brewery who, besides brewing craft beer, create jobs for people from socially marginalized groups. 90% of their 60 employees have a diagnosis. Mikkeller are close supporters and business mentors of People Like Us.