Frivilligbajeren 2.0

Pale Ale 330 ml. Pale Ale 4,5%

35 DKK


Frivilligbajeren 2.0

Our beer developer has made some interesting recipe improvements, making this version – Frivilligbajeren 2.0 – a beautiful clear pale ale, with a fruity nose (peach and pineapple) and  low bitterness.

Frivilligebajeren – an inclusive Pale Ale – is the result of a collaboration between People Like Us and the danish volunteer-leaders mentoring company Ingerfair, to develop a tasty token of gratitude for people who through voluntary work make a difference in their community or organisation.

The profit goes to creating jobs for more people from socially marginalized groups through People Like Us, and to provide more free courses for volunteer leaders through Ingerfair.

Do you work in a bar, restaurant or another public place, or do you need it for a public event;

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phone: +45 31 32 18 63