En Million Stemmer

EnMillionStemmer, Ale, ABV 0,0%

30 DKK


The beer – a refreshing and fruity wheat ale with no alcohol – is made to share the important mission on #enmillionstemmer – to give voice to the estimated one million people in Denmark who in one way or another are affected to a smaller or larger degree by a handicap or diagnosis. People who have the right to vote, and people who want their voices to be heard.
We all believe in the potential of diversity. Buy this beer to help share the important mission.
You can become part of the online community that started the important #enmillionstemmer campaign and movement all here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bakopomdepaarorende/
#enmillionstemmer is an alcoholfree beer by People Like Us, Mikkeller and the movement #enmillionstemmer