Sticks’n’Sushi and People Like Us: It’s time to bring social action to the table


The danish socio-innovative microbrewery People Like Us and Sticks’n’Sushi, are happy to announce an alternative collaboration: Wise Monkeys – a fresh pilsner with shiso, developed specifically for Sticks’n’Sushi’s Japanese cuisine – is not only meant to satisfy the taste buds. This beer is also an example on how it doesn’t have to be rocket science and overly complicated to take social action and make a difference. 

Wise Monkeys – a pilsner with shiso – is the new People Like Us beer to be found at all Danish Sticks’n’Sushi restaurants.

“What’s buzzing on the Danish upcoming beer scene right now?”

Sticks’n’Sushi are always curious to optimize and develop their product line and were looking for a brewery to brew them a new Beer of the House.

Therefore they were suggested by Mikkeller to contact People Like Us; a meeting that a couple of months later resulted in Wise Monkeys – a brand new pilsner with shiso, a Japanse herb with a fresh lemon taste.

Besides brewing a good product for a company selling good products, this beer also came to be an example on new ways of taking social action.

Social responsibility is not just for NGO’s

People Like Us is run and developed by people from socially marginalized groups on a mission to brew great beer, create a lot of jobs for people outside the labour market, and to challenge the societal preconceptions of normality and communities.

Sticks’n’Sushi are born out of the joy of seeing how a small idea and a clear culture can engage and feed more and more people, and how different nationalities can stand side by side and enrich each other.

So even though our products are different, our visions are alike: We believe in high quality products and in the asset of embracing cultural and human diversity.

Founder and Owner of People Like Us, Lars Carlsen, says:

“I associate Sticks’n’Sushi with quality and development. That’s why we’re very proud to work together with people of that league. It’s not often that small businesses get the opportunity to work together with great and solid brands, such as in our case with Sticks’n’Sushi. And that’s a shame. Because it is when larger brands dare to go untraditional ways that new kinds of collaborations and ways of approaching business can develop. Social responsibility is not just for NGO’s or small human-centered businesses. It should be common sense to every single business”

Combining products and social engagement

CEO at Sticks’n’Sushi, Kim Rahbek, is happy about the opportunity and express:

“The beer and the thought behind the production is well in line with our internal aims. We have connected more than 35 different nationalities and religions. We have colleagues who either have had a hard time getting a job, or who in one way or another have had a hard time in life. That’s why we’re proud of cooperating with People Like Us on combining a beer with good thoughts behind the label, with a Japanese input – our food – and even with a social engagement.”

The Wise Monkeys beer can be found on all Sticks’n’Sushi restaurants in Denmark.


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