3 cans (440 ml) Beer pack

The Beautiful People, 440 ml, Brett IPA 6,7%
Heaven Up, 440 ml lemonade berliner 3,8%
Real Fiction Pecan, 440 ml Pilsner 4,7%

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The Beautiful People (Brett IPA 6,7%)

The Beautiful People is an elegant and effervescent India Pale Ale with a delicious mix of
new world hop characteristics and old world esters reminiscent of Belgian classics.

Heaven Up (lemonade berliner 3,8%)

Heaven Up is a refreshing, lemonade-inspired, Berliner-style pale sour
ale with aromatic doses of lemon and lime and an effervescent and
satisfying drinkability.

Real Fiction (Pecan Pilsner 4,7%)

Real Fiction is a hoppy and aromatic pilsner built on the backbone of a classically pale, yet complex, malt grist. Modern German hop varieties, and an underrated oldschool US one, give the beer a delicious fruity twist that compliments the gentle woody spice of pecan. A smashable Pilsner with a contemplative undercurrent


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