Can package

Can package, 7 beers in total.

315 DKK 275 DKK


Reclaimed Madness
Session Indian Pale Ale, 4,5%, 33 cl.

Brookhagen (Collab with KCBC)
NEIPA 6,2%

Rebels Cologne (Collab With Brew York)
Kölch-ish, 4,6%, 33 cl.

Red rice’ing  (Collab with Great Leap)
Red rice Saison 6,4% 33 cl.

Comfort Blanket (Collab with Earth Station)
Hast oatmeal pale ale, 4,5%, 33cl.

Imperial Stout with roasted pecan nuts, vanilla, coffee and cocoa nibs.
10,3% 33 cl.
Sisyphus indulgence,
NEDIPA 8,3% 33 cl.