3 x Frivilligbajer

105 DKK 70 DKK


Frivillig bajeren is the result of a collaboration between People Like Us and Danish volunteer-leader mentoring company Ingerfair, to develop a tasteful sign of gratitude for people who, through volunteering, make a difference in their community or organization. A tribute to the many volunteers who make a huge effort and deserve great thanks and recognition.

You can read more about Ingerfair here.

The Volunteer Bay is a light drinkable pale stock of 4.5%, which takes the best of two worlds. You get here the hop notes from the pale ale and painted the character from the warehouse.

NB: it is not just these three beers that have a social mind as the main ingredient. The profits from all PLU beer go to create jobs and could hire people from the edge of the job market. Hire them to do what they are good at, rather than expecting them to do what they find difficult.