3 x #EnMIllionStemmer

Mennesker skal ses og høres og ikke glemmes i systemet

90 DKK 60 DKK


With this non-alcoholic beer, PLU backs the movement and hashtagged #EnMillionStemmers struggle to support relatives and make it visible to politicians how many people are affected by physical and mental disabilities.

Today, every fifth Dane has a greater or lesser disability and / or mental vulnerability. Each of them has relatives who fight every day for the sake of their children, grandchildren, siblings, parents, spouses, friends and girlfriends being allowed to live a life on equal terms as everyone else.

You can read more about #EnMillionStemmer here

#EnMillionStemmer is a fresh and fruity wheat beer of 0.0%.

NB: it is not just these three beers that have a social mind as the main ingredient. The profits from all PLU beer go to create jobs and could hire people from the edge of the job market. Hire them to do what they are good at, rather than expecting them to do what they find difficult.