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Citizen-mind- Package:

It makes sense to consider one’s fellow human beings. At least, we think so in PLU.That’s why we have picked out three beers, that inspire to engage ourselves in civil society.

With these three shout-out beers, we would like to gratfully put a spot on social matters that taste of needed attention. Every single one of these three chosen ones, in their own, unique ways, let themselves be heared on matters of voluntariness, citizen-mind and human care. But they do have one heart matter in common: To fuel The good cause.

With the names and background stories of these beers, we wish to become closer with one another, an to initiate conversasions on important subjects and hot potatoes!

Frivillighedsbajeren is tthe result of a collab between People Like Us and the Danish voluntaryleader mentoring firm, Ingerfair on developing a tasty token of gratitude for people, who engage themselves in making a difference in their local communities through voluntary work. More info on the Frivilligbajeren here.

With the One Million Voices-beer (#EnMillionStemmer ), People Like Us support this public movements fight for having the backs of relatives to people with mental vunarabilities. And for making it clear to our politicians, what an enormous amount of Danes who are affected by phyisical and mental disabilities in their everyday lives, through working towards more transparency and improvement of legal certainty in Denmark. Read more about  #Enmillionstemmer here

vet 364  is brewed as a collab between us and Danish war veterans, to put a spot on and create jobs for those who struggle with coming home and creating everyday lives and jobs for themselves. Read more about PLU’s war veteran-project,  here

Frivilligbajeren is a light and easily drinkable,4,5 ABV.

#EnMillionStemmer is a fresh and fruity wheat beer, at 0,0 ABV.

364 is a germain inspired lager at 5,0 ABV.


NB: These three beers are not the only ones who have citizen-mind as the main ingredient!

The profit from all of our beers goes to creating employment of and work for people in marginalized groups within society as well as our labour market. We hire people to do what they excel at, in stead of insisting on trying to fit them in to pre-fabricated boxes and systems.

For People Like Us, this is the essence of citizen-mind.