Wall of Bureaucracy

Wall of Bureaucracy, 330 ml Blackberry Sour 4,2%


This Blackberry Sour is a fresh, hazy, slightly tart – yet fruity – beer, with a beautiful rhubarb color and crystal-white soft foam. It’s a very drinkable beer, doing well on it’s own or at dishes you would usually drink rosé to. A good sour-introduction beer.

“The wall is built around villages of thought, towns of ideas and cities of potential. Creative matter is held back by rigid and arbitrary procedures. It is built noch einmal even though it never did any good, not the first, not the second, not the tenth, not the fiftieth time.”

What started out as a Berliner Weisse (hence the Wall reference) ended up becoming more like a Sour – but that’s the beauty of living things!

Usually available on: 30 l. key-kegs.

Do you work in a bar, restaurant or another public place, or do you need it for a public event. Then we recommend this product in kegs.

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