De Dolle Brouwers

enestående mulighed for at smage alle De Dolle Brouwers øl på en gang

250 kr.


De Dolle Brouwers.
This is a unique opportunity to taste all of De Dolle Brouwer’s beers at once, it has not happened before that they have all been able to be delivered at the same time. You will be able to taste some of Belgium’s best beers, some even world class.

We have 40 years to go. Far to the west, in Flanders, exactly where the bloodiest battles of both world wars took place (the trenches still exist) in the small town of Esen, Kristian Herteleer, his brother Jo and his mother take over a small disused brewery.
They brew a dark sour beer, which is probably good and special, but it is flat and does not really become a hit until Dirk comes by … He buys the leftover stock and puts it in the cellar of his beer pub Kulminator in Antwerp. Here it lies for a space of time and develops into the Oerbier we know today, and it is recognized as a fantastic beer.

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