Nominee 2019 – Best Social Entrepreneurship

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People Like Us Has been Nominated in the Category “Best Social Entrepreneur of the Year” 2019. By EY.

We’re very honored, humble, and excited to reveal that People Like Us are amongst the nominated companies in the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Danmark 2019 Awards, in the category Social Entrepreneurship. Thank you very much for the nomination!

We asked our Founder Lars Carlsen to share a few words on his response to the nomination, and his insights on our development throughout the last three years which made it possible.


“Three years ago, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø said yes to a project, which at that time seemed like a completely utopian idea. And PLU became a reality!

From the very beginning, PLU and Mikkeller agreed on some large economical-, beer production wise and -organisational dogmas – or what we in Danish call “benspænd”. This showed to be just the right strategy for PLU to become what it is today.  – Something that makes People Like Us unique and out of category.

Mikkeller made their entire organisation available to us, which we will never forget! Mikkeller HQ has without a doubt gotten much more work on their tables because of that. Huge respect to them!

Right now do we solve activation- and jobs for 57 staff members – whereof +90% has one or more diagnoses. Most are in jobs – or are ont their way to get into a job. Most of them are working in our own company, or are through our outsourcing department hired to solve tasks at MikkellerTrue Gum and more.

Besides that have we helped 8 persons into ordinary jobs at other companies through a period in People Like Us – and much more.
We’re very proud of our results and would love to inspire even more companies to take on more responsibility to create social impact – for the benefit of many.

That PLU are amongst the nominated companies the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019 Awards, in the category Social Entrepreneurship shows that we’re on the right path.”


We’re proud and humble – thank you for the nomination