It takes people to create a ‘we’

“Lars makes a great effort to focus on the individuals he’s working with, instead of focusing on solid principles and himself; to find out what the individual can and will do, and what is good for the individual, instead of following some rigid norms and rules.
It affects me in the way that I get to work as a dancer instead of being a groundsman, as the municipality administration elseways would want me to be”

The words are Bjarke Østergaard’s. Bjarke is our brewery dancer. He’s also autistic, has ADHD, and has earlier on been given up on by the system.

You can put many fancy terms on business strategies. But often the best way to understand the way a company works is to ask the people who work there.

– That’s what film photographer Jeppe Kjær thought as well.

We’ve had the amazing honor of knowing Jeppe for some years, and he has followed us and the many development processes – both personal and businesswise. He’s the man behind Bjarkes Cha Cha cherry video, and the documentary “vejen hjem” about our war veteran project.

Last year Jeppe decided to follow us a day to share what it’s like to be part of it all. The result is this 5 min video.
Thank you so much Jeppe for capturing some very honest moments