Why “Emperor’s Blue Clothes”?

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PEOPLE LIKE US and BREWDOG are simultaneously launching their new collab beer “Emperor’s Blue Clothes” on Wednesday, March 7th. on all U.K BrewDog bars and on Brewers Inc. in Copenhagen, Denmark.

–  But why is the beer called “Emperor’s Blue Clothes? You’ll figure out here.

Introductory note: The name of the beer is a collaborate decision between BrewDog’s Creative Director and the Identity Developer of People Like Us – both named Simon. You’ll meet (People Like Us) Simon in a later post, where he will explain about how he’s trying to #unfiltertheworld through the beer names developed, and through using the written and oral language to challenge societal preconceptions and discourses. So more about that later on. 

What’s up with the “Blue”?

The “Blue” refers to one of the very refreshing elements of the beer: Loads of fresh blueberries turning this Blueberry Hefeweizen very fruity and yummy.
– But blue is also a color associated with autism, especially used for the autism awareness month.

The H.C Andersen reference:

“Emperor’s Blue Clothes” is a reference to the fairytale “The Emperor’s New Clothes” by the danish writer H.C. Andersen.

H.C. Andersen is believed to have been autistic, and his fairytales often embed some sort of societal criticism (telling about bullying, human deception, prejudices, being the minority, and about not fitting in). He – along with many other artists – sadly never experienced being fully acknowledged for his artistry, his craftsmanship and his talent, before he were no longer here. 

Social stigma and lack of appreciation of artistic contributions to society is still a recurrent tendency today. But in many cases, creativity is actually a rewardable trait when it comes to societal and business-oriented development and renewal: A statement we will bring you inside updates and examples on during this week, and which we hope you will share your own (either personal or business-oriented) examples on, using #unfiltertheworld in your posts or comments on Social Media.

The fairy tale – short edt:

The Emperor’s new clothes is a story about an (rather insecure) Emperor who wants some new royal robes to expose his wealth and prestige. He therefore send for the best tailors in the Kingdom to make him a new royal robe. But these two tailors are fraudsters. So they make absolutely nothing and tells the Emperor that this robe is made out of a very special fabric that only can be seen by wise people who are good for their office. In other words; that the Emperor is stupid and shall not be the Emperor of this Kingdom if he can’t see the robe.  

The Emperor is in despair, because – of course – he doesn’t see any robe. So he plays the game and tells how happy he is for his new robe, and a parade through the town is then arranged by the tailors to show off the Emperor’s new clothes.

The day arises, and the Emperor walks through the entire town – feeling very uncomfortable only wearing underwear, but trying to keep it cool, because no one shall  ever figure out that he can’t see the magic robe and therefore isn’t suitable as Emperor of the Kingdom.
None of the citizens of the town dares to speak out and tell the Emperor the truth, because.. well.. he was the Emperor. Until at some point, the Emperor walks by an old father who carries his son on his shoulders. And the boy asks out loud: “Father, why doesn’t he wear any clothes?”

The moral of the fairytale and a part of our campaign is explained through one of the posters we’ve created: “Dare to challenge the Emperor in Blue”.

This includes the courage and the no-filter to speak out loud, to challenge the existing norms and structures, and not to let yourself be misled by what other people want you to be or believe.
A thing we also do at People Like Us and at BrewDog.

It’s about questioning the existing, if the existing doesn’t work. And that’s where creativity is needed. Like Albert Einstein (who is also thought to have been autistic) said:

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”.

That’s where the need of creativity, autistic people “with less filter” and the entire #unfiltertheworld campaign is connected to the beer title. We need more unfiltered people and unfiltered ways of thinking and acting to solve some of the problems of today.  And we hope for this beer to help spread that message.


Want to #unfiltertheworld together with BrewDog and People Like Us?

Share your own experiences with the hashtags #unfiltertheworld #socialrevolutionbybeer and #itsgoodforyoutomeetpeoplelikeus , and join us for the release of “Emperor’s Blue Clothes” either in the U.K or in Denmark.

Global Launch event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1850559228576315/ 

Danish Launch event link:  https://www.facebook.com/events/756694437870080/

Find your local event on your local U.K BrewDog bar’s Facebook Page