Vi stræber efter at skabe en masse jobs - både under vores egen firma men også i andre firmaer.
Noget af det vi gør er at outsource arbejdskraft til andre firmaer

This means that we do our very best to make the best possible matches between employer and employee, both when it comes to field area, working hours, conditions of employment etc.

Right now we have people solving tasks at:

where they bottle, label, deposit label, pack and seal goods. These are companies within the brewing- and liqueur industry, but our employees talents, skills and special interests does not confine themselves to this field area alone. To name other skills: Dancing, accounting, proofreading, drawing, math, concept developing, giving speeches and presentations, writing articles and much more.

Interested in knowing more about what we do and how you can outsource some of your tasks to People Like Us?  Then write us on  lars.carlsen@peoplelikeus.dk

Maybe you’d like to have another coworker to help you with some specific tasks within your business, but there’s not enough hours in it to create a parttime or fulltime job? Then hiring one of our people could be an idea! The tasks provided differ in both time, size and period of employment, but common to all is that our People Like Us employees will solve them with deep care and precision.

People Like Us will be the link between the workplace and the employee, providing guidance and support in the start-up phase where we will participate in common meetings, work on outlining the best structure for both the workplace and the employee, go visit the workplace together with the employee, be there together with them for the first time or two until they feel comfortable with their provided tasks and workday structure. All in all, we will serve as employment mentors in the proces in order for it to become a fruitful and good co-work experience for both parties.

We believe that this kind of link between employer and employee is an important piece in the larger societal employment puzzle, It’s important to us that our employees are a part of the proces and are motivated to work.