Brew & description

High Hopes Low Gravity

Brut IPA with hop hash
ABV 5,6%

Collab with Crosby Hop farm – brewed for MBCC2019 (Mikkeller Beer Celebrati0on Copenhagen)

You won’t get high from this one – unless you have a tendency to get high from good beers.
We’ve used enzymes to make this beer slightly more dry than you’d usually have your IPA to make the aromas of the hops stand out more clearly. The (not so secret) secret ingredient?
4 kg Idaho 7 hop hash used for dry hopping in the end. Nice and refreshing.

Brew & description

Shake My Hops Up

Lychee-Guava-Vanilla Milkshake IPA
ABV 6,8%

Collab with Northern Monk (UK) – brewed for MBCC 2019 (Mikkeller Beer Celebration).
This beer is a funky one: Fruity nose and body, a bit of lactose sweetness, vanilla aromas and a nice, round finish. Beautiful bright yellow colour.

Brew & description

People Like Buns

Cinnamon Bun Ale
ABV 7%

This Fierce Beer (UK) x People Like Us collab was originally brewed during Autumn 2018 at Fierce Beer Co. in Scotland. It’s interesting combo of beer and dessert made it one of Fierce’s most popular collabs brewed in 2019. Therefore they didn’t hesitate a second when we asked them if they wanted to re-brew it with us for it to be poured this year (2019) at the large MBCC (Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen) Festival. That’s why you now can get your hands on a limited amount of cans of this canned dessert; a cinnamon bun ale.

Yeastie nose, interesting sweetness, depth from the raisins, character from a dash on cinnamon. Words can’t make it justice – you have to try it!

Brew & description

Acid Rebellion

kettle sour IPA
ABV 6,6%
Nice acidity, interesting fruitiness, long lasting taste and mouthfeel.

A kettle sour IPA collab w/ Magic Rock Brewing . Not just one, not two, but THREE different label design. Why? Because… well. Because it deserved the identity of that rebellion it truly is.

Why Acid Rebellion?
Our autistic identity developer Simon explains it like this: “While herds of people are standing in line to champion the concept of innovation, something is commonly left forgotten. To make any kind of innovation really matter, one needs to rebel against the narrow and marginalizing ideology that permeates our society”.

Brewed for Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen , but available in our Bottleshop and webshop and in other bars and bottleshops around the country.

Available for bars in both 30 kegs and 33 cl bottles. Write our sales guy Ulrik on

Brew & description

Muddy IPA

Hazy session IPA
ABV 4,5%
A hazy session IPA, nice, fresh, clean grape notes and easy drinking.

Muddy IPA is a private label beer, developed for the record label Crunchy Frog for their bars The Mudhoney, Whammy Bar and Crane Brothers. 

This the the second batch and the 2.0 edition of the beer. It is sold through the above mentioned bars and through our Bottleshop on Vermlandsgade 2, 2300 Copenhagen S.

Brew & description


West coast IPA
ABV 5,9%
The beer is a west coast inspired IPA with organic, Black Pepper. Hops used: Citra, Mosaic, Equinox, Columbus. Nice, amber colored IPA with hints of pepper and interesting malt notes.

Pepper Spray is the third and last beer in our Thank You Beer Trilogy, as a tribute to the people who supported our crowdfunding campaign back in March 2017. The recipe is developed by Mikkel Borg Bjergsø and Per Møller Jensen.  

Brew & description

Wave of Liberation

Hazy IPA
ABV 6,8%

About the title: Freedom is not achieved by passively going with the current. Freedom should never be taken for granted if it’s not enjoyed by one and all. Way too many people are still left alienated and excluded from a society that should be for all of us. We desperately need another wave of liberation.

Brew & description

Lil’ Soleil

IPA (Brut)
ABV 5,8%

Lil’ Soleil is a Grapefruit & Pineapple Brut based on the recipe for a ‘Soleil’ Champagne cocktail that Magic Rock have called Lil’ Soleil. Featuring Vic Secret hops, it is balanced with a tart fruit character and characteristic dryness. Vic Secret brings notes of pineapple, passionfruit and a hint of pine needles. It is easy drinking!”

Brew & description

Northern Monk Patron Project 7.05 Sæsoner

Kettle Sour Saison
ABV 5,5%
A complex malt bill compliments the earthy, peppery notes of the Belgian yeast, with a hop addition of Hallertau Blanc sitting alongside the fruity tartness of the beer.

A complex malt bill compliments the earthy, peppery notes of the Belgian yeast, with a hop addition of Hallertau Blanc sitting alongside the fruity tartness of the beer.

Brew & description

Reclaimed Madness

Session IPA
ABV 4,5%


Breaking the unwritten rules for what can be said and done comes not without a certain backlash. Being labelled a mad person is a risk. Ridicule gets on its marks. The label becomes a tool to keep one down. But you must speak up. Refuse pathologization. Reclaim your identity. Change the framework.

This session IPA was developed for the Mikkeller Beer Mail, and to be exclusively offered in a very limited amount through our shop. 

Brew & description

Eat the Black Winter Drink the Black Snow

Oatmeal Stout
ABV 5,3%
Medium body, roasted malts, hints of dark chocolate and roasted hazelnut. Round, but with a bitter hoppy finish.

When we teamed up with our beer developer Rune In the early days of People Like Us, he introduced us to an Oatmeal Stout prototype he was working on. This winter it’s being brought back to life for the first time – twisted into a deeper, darker and slightly more bitter version. You know, just for the fun.

As idyllic and bright the winter might look on countryside photos, as smog-coloured and dark will you often experience the winter in the city.

But screw the advice you got when you were a kid; Black Snow IS a good thing…when served from bottles and kegs;-)

Brew & description


Pale Ale
ABV 5,0%
Pale Ale ABV 5%

Frivilligbajeren – an inclusive Pale Ale – is the result of a collaboration between People Like Us and the danish volunteer-leaders mentoring company Ingerfair, to develop a tasty token of gratitude for people who through voluntary work make a difference in their community or organisation.

The profit goes to creating jobs for more people from socially marginalized groups through People Like Us, and to provide more free courses for volunteer leaders through Ingerfair.

Brew & description

Bridges from afar

Imperial IPA
ABV 10,1%
A triple IPA made as a collab between Mikkeller San Diego, Crosby Hop Farm and People Like Us


Bridges from afar is a triple collab between Mikkeller San Diego (US), Crosby Hop Farm (US) and People Like Us (DK). The name refers to the collaboration and the friendship which connects us – and many other people – across both state borders and oceans, exemplified with the chain of people hand in hand. How we, if we’re curious on each other, can build bridges instead of building walls.

Brew & description

Mango Tango

Berliner Weisse w/ mango
ABV 4,5%
Part of our dance-series

Mango Tango is the second beer in our Dance Beer Series, which is personalized and brought to life artistically by our brewery dancer, Bjarke, who’s  autistic and has ADHD. Bjarke has been a part of the beer-and-dance pairing, and who develops dance series based on the difference Dance Beers. 

Brew & description


364 Veteran Beer
German inspired pilsner
ABV 5,0%
364 is a dry hopped german style pilsner. It's a smooth and thirst quenching pilsner with a little bite and a lot of character. This pilsner can and should be enjoyed with all types of food and company.

The first beer in our war veteran project. More than a few war veterans develop PTSD after returning from duty and many have a hard time finding their way back to civic society, both in terms of family life and getting a job. We want to help change that. You can read more about the project on our main page under “Veteran Project”.

Recipe by Mikkel Bjergsø of Mikkeller.

Brew & description

Unpuzzled Infinity

(American IPA)
ABV 6,2%
A nice and fresh american IPA. The beer is floral and citrusy, with notes of grapefruit and orange - and some hints of sun and tropical summer.

The puzzle piece is widely recognised as the symbol of autism. The idea behind it is that autists are puzzles to be solved. That is bogus, of course. We are not sick people waiting to be cured. The world has changed, not us. We are people, not puzzles.

Usually available on: 33 cl bottles and 30 l. kegs.

Do you work in a bar, restaurant or another public place, or do you need it for a public event? Then you’ll can order it through our distributor Det Belgiske Hus.

Brew & description

Wall of Bureaucracy

Blackberry Sour
Abv 4,2%
Available on: 30 l. key-kegs.
This Blackberry Sour is a fresh, hazy, slightly tart - yet fruity - beer, with a beautiful rhubarb color and crystal-white soft foam. It’s a very drinkable beer, doing well on it’s own or at dishes you would usually drink rosé to. A good sour-introduction beer.

“The wall is built around villages of thought, towns of ideas and cities of potential. Creative matter is held back by rigid and arbitrary procedures. It is built noch einmal even though it never did any good, not the first, not the second, not the tenth, not the fiftieth time.”

What started out as a Berliner Weisse (hence the Wall reference) ended up becoming more like a Sour – but that’s the beauty of living things!

Usually available on: 30 l. key-kegs.

Brew & description

Tea Party

Green Tea Cream Ale
Abv 6,5 %
A refreshing cream ale with loads of character. Brewed with green tea which gives it a warm and nice aroma.

Second beer of our Beer Trilogy
Recipe developed by Mikkeller and Stefan van Maaren

Curious to hear the two beer developers own explanation of their beer? Then check the video with Mikkel and Stefan out here.

Usually available on: 33 cl bottles and 30 l. key-kegs.

Brew & description

Wise Monkeys

Lager with Shiso
Abv 4,6 %
This lager is brewed with the Japanese herb shiso, which adds a small note of mint to its nose, and develops into a more citrusy taste, suiting the clean, fresh bitter taste of a pilsner.

“Try to close your eyes, cover your ears and shut your mouth. It can make all that unfairness and pointlessness go away. If you could buy an indulgence, too, you would feel responsible, aware and free to indulge in the feast waiting in front of you. But don’t just indulge. Take action.”

The beer goes very well with seafood and sushi, or just on its own on a sunny summer day.

Usually available on: 33 cl bottles.

Brew & description

Hell’s Saison

(Atypical Saison /Farmhouse Ale)
ABV 4,8%
This atypical saison is brewed with rye and jaggery. It is golden brown with floral and spicy notes and has a light sweetness to it. A nice all-round beer.


The beer is named after the work “Une Saison en Efer” – a season in hell – by the French poet Rimbaud. It also refers to our beer developer’s time in the brewery “Djævlebryg” (Devil’s Brew).

Brew & description

Oats Ala Mande

(Cherry & Almond Oatmeal Pale Ale)
Abv 4,5%
This oat meal pale ale with sour cherries and almonds is a teasing spring interpretation of the danish dessert Ris A La Mande.


A People Like Us + Brew York collaboration
– – –
This oat meal pale ale with sour cherries and almonds is a teasing spring interpretation of the danish dessert Ris A La Mande.

The beer was invented and brewed at York Brewing during the 2 years birthday bash and was available in 33 cl cans.
Most of the beers will stay in the U.K. A few cans will hit the Danish market.

Brew & description


Imperial Stout (10,3%)
Imperial Stout with Sumatra coffee, hard roasted pecans, vanilla and cacao nips.


A New version is coming up 2019 !

Part one of our Beer Trilogy
Recipe developed by Mikkeller and François Trudel
Brewed at Warpigs by Lan-Xin

Limited edition bottles – only a total of 150.

Bottle size 75 cl.

Curious to hear the two beer developers own explanation of their beer? Then check the video with Mikkel and François out here.

Brew & description

Misantrophic Santa

IPA with Douglas spruce
ABV 6,0%
A floral and bitter IPA with a little more malty base than traditional IPAs. The pine needle notes compliments the citrusaromas of the hobs.


To hand out everything your little elves struggle to make without any charge, you must believe that there are still some nice people left. Unfortunately, Santa Claus stopped believing a couple of years ago. People are way too hypocritical, even on Christmas Day. Please prove this white bearded guy wrong.

Usually available on: This beer is no longer on the market.

Sadly, Santas Misanthropic state of mind was too strong to be overcome by this beer. His bitterness ended up permeating the bottles and kegs, infecting the beer with an overwhelming aversion to life (and – from a more factual point of view, some of the beer somehow got infected by bacterias, affecting the quality of the beer. Therefore the beer was quickly recalled.)

Brew & description

Disordered Formation

ABV 4,6%

A People Like Us + Goose Island Collab beer


This beer was a limited edition release, only to be purchased at the Goose Island Taproom in Chicago on June 25th 2017.

Brew & description

Stereotypical Lager

(American Lager)
ABV 4,6%
This American lager is crisp and malty with American hops adding a certain floral dimension.


Autists are often described as showing “stereotyped behaviour”, but that is pretty much the case for everyone else as well. The concept of “small talk” can seem just as pointless to a lot of autists as our traits might seem to you. For some, shaking hands can lead to sensory overload. But maybe, this beer can bring us closer together.

Stereotypical Lager is a part of our “Simon Says” beer series.

Brew & description

Pale Alienation

(American Pale Ale)
ABV 4,6%
A very refreshing pale ale with flowery, citrusy notes. Easily drinkable with a gentle bite.


Diagnoses are often used to alienate those diverging from social norms. A narrow concept of normality and an urge for comfort keeps too many socially marginalised people away from the labour market. The consequences are both expensive and devastating for the people affected. At People Like Us, we are creating jobs for those given up on by others.

Pale Alienation is a part of our “Simon Says” beer series..

Brew & description

Assimilated Bullshit Ale

Assimilated Bullshit Ale
Black Pale Ale
Abv 5,4%
A cheeky black pale ale. A little more warmth and character than a traditional pale ale, and such a beer that leaves a taste for more.


”Cultural and social norms force desperate, possibly good-hearted but deeply harmful attempts to change different minds. Rewarded is the one who like a dog sits with quiet hands and shut down agency. Toxic is the idea that difference equal disorder. Assimilation is wrong, acceptance is right.”

Brew & description

Nuke the Conformity

Nuke the Conformity
American IPA
Abv 6,3%
A crisp IPA with fresh citrus notes and a pleasant level of bitternes. Nice grape aroma. Goes well with pork and spicy food.


“The wool is growing, infiltrating brains, exclusive herds with mainstream colours are flocking towards exposure of unique normality, freedom is for the one who doesn’t claim it but slowly conforms to the expectations, deviating wool is desperately bleached. That is crooked.“

A People Like Us + Flying Couch collaboration.